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When you’re looking for commercial roof restoration services, call Greenville Roofing Contractors. We have years of experience restoring commercial roofing systems back to their glory days. 

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When roof repairs won’t do the job but you’re not ready for a new roofing system, a commercial roof restoration is a great option. So what’s the difference between commercial roof repair and commercial roof restoration?

Roof Repair vs. Roof Restoration

Roof repair is precisely what it sounds like- the repair of minor damages or leaks. However, if you have a roofing system that’s older and there’s a lot of surface damage, restoration is the choice for you. If the roof’s foundation is in good condition, but the surface needs a facelift, we can restore the roof instead of replacing the entire system.
Roof Restoration improves the overall health of your roof so it can last longer.

When is a Good Time to Restore Your Roof?

There a quite a few instances where commercial roof restoration is better than replacing the entire system. Some of these common reasons are:

Fire Damage

When there’s fire, and you have smoke, heat, fire, and then water damage, we can use our restoration services to bring that damaged roof back to life.

Water Damage

Whether it was a storm or pipe burst, our commercial roof restoration services are a great option.

Hail Damage

We have some wild storms here in Greenville. When the hail gets the best of your commercial roof, we can come in and restore it like new.

Why Choose Greenville Roofings Contractors?

When you choose us for your commercial roofing restoration choosing the team with the most knowledge and experience in Greenville.  From severe weather damage to aging systems, we provide the roof restoration services that you can rely on for protection. As your best roofing contractor, we guarantee a safer, more secure building that stays defended against the outside elements longer. When you need reliable roofing contractors for your company, you won’t find a better choice than our staff for help.

Roof Restoration Greenville Residents Trust 

Professional restoration services remain the best way to extend the life of your existing commercial roofing system. Otherwise, ignored problems and minor leaks can quickly ruin your roof and cause extensive repair costs.  We will come to your building and do a thorough inspection and with that information tell you if we think restoration is the best option, or something else like repairs and replacement. 

commercial roof restoration