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When you’re looking for emergency roof repair near me that you can rely on, call Greenville Roofing Services today. We have years of experience and are licenses and insured.

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Emergency Roof Repair Services That You Can Rely On

When a tree falls or a pipes bursts, our emergency roof repair services are available 24/7. When your home become exposed to the elements or you need repairs ASAP on your roof, call Greenville Roofing Services. We understand that sometimes roofing repairs can’t wait, and will come to assess the damage.

How Can You Tell If You Need Emergency Roof Repair Services?

If the integrity of your roof structure is at risk or the outside is exposed from inside the home- you need immediate emergency roof repair services. While some damages can wait for the morning or our next appointment- there are just some roofing concerns that we don’t want you to have to wait. Call us ASAP if you need emergency roof repair.

How Much Will Emergency Roof Repair Cost?

We understand your concern of costs, especially if we need to come out after hours. However, we cannot give you a good estimate until we are there and have had time to assess the damage. The good news is that many homeowner insurance policies will cover many repairs or replacements. We have years of experience working with your homeowners insurance and are happy to walk you through the entire process. You can exhale, we’ve got this.

Do You Have a Roof Emergency?

No one ever wakes up wanting to have to search for “emergency roof repair near me,” but if you do, we are here to help you every step of the way. At Greenville Roofing Services, our passion is educating customers as well as fixing or replacing their roofs. For this reason, we have come up with a list of possible emergency roof situations you might find yourself in:


Trees are beautiful to have around your property but can pose a threat to your roof. Strong winds can blow large branches, or the whole tree into the roof causing major damage.


In North Carolina, we can get intense storms with winds that can blow off shingles or rip up the roof decking leaving the inside vulnerable and exposed. If it is raining, leaks can spring up, causing water damage or worse – Mold.


Hail damage is one of the most common roof repair contributors and if the damage is extensive enough to warrant emergency repair that we are ready to provide.

Old Roofs

If your roof is old and not maintained consistently, something as mild as spring rain or winter snowfall may result in flashing breakdown or roof valley build-up that can lead to water damage.

In any of these situations, having a trained roofing team on your side will give you the peace of mind you need when disaster comes around.

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The Roof Repair Experts

When emergency strikes nearby in Greenville, NC, you need emergency roof repair services near me.

We understand that your house or commercial structure is an asset that requires immediate service. That is why at Greenville Roofing Services, our skilled professionals move fast to assess and correct any damage before long-term issues set in. From leaks caused by hail or damage from a fallen tree; no matter the problem, we can solve it.

Call us today for a free roof inspection, and we will get your property back to standard in no time. We’re the emergency roof repairs near me that residents trust.

How to Avoid Roof Damage During a Storm?

In life, some things are out of our control, but when it comes to roof damage during a storm, there are a few measures you can take to avoid or minimize impairment.

When preparing for severe weather and to avoid calling emergnecy roof repair near me, the tendency is to consider immediate needs like food, water, or an alternative power source. At Greenville Roofing Services, we urge our customers to put the following to-do’s on their list to help avoid or reduce roof storm damage:

Look for Loose Shingles

Take a parameter walk and perform a visual check of your roof looking for any missing or damaged shingles.

Loose shingles create an easy foothold for the wind to blow away whole sections of your roof if strong enough. Should you have any suspicions or not sure what to look for, call our roofers near you for a free inspection.

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance plays an important role in preventative actions that you can take to keep your dwelling or place of business safe during a storm.

If you notice a tree is not healthy or has low hanging limbs, have it inspected and possibly removed. Strong winds can easily blow shallow-rooted or unhealthy trees into your roof, causing significant damage.

Tree maintenance prior to a storm is a great way to avoid roof damage.

Should you need any help or just not sure if your roof is in good “health,” call us today at Greenville Roofing Services, and we will gladly provide a roof inspection free of charge.