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When you’re looking for metal rooofing installation that you can rely on, call Greenville Roofing Services today. We have years of experience and are licenses and insured.

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metal roof installation

Greenville, NC Metal Roof Installation Services 

Your home’s best source for daily weather protection begins with new metal roof.  As top metal roof installers near me, we have you covered.

Metal roofing systems provide lightweight surfaces that look lovely and perform well. As a recycled blend of many alloys, these roofs supply you with lots of performance benefits over standard residential systems.

Call us when you need roof replacements, or you wish to try something new. We guarantee the best quality possible.

Our metal roof installers near me know how to successfully install, repair, or replace your roof.

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Metal Roof Installation in Greenville, North Carolina

We provide the highest quality metal roof installation in Greenville, Carolina, and our customers agree. With multiple decades of experience in metal roof installation, Greenville Roofing Services is ready for you. We specialize in standing seam and aluminum metal roof installation and can provide you with a variety of options.

Are you tired of repairing or replacing your shingle roof every few years due to storm damage? A metal roof is a tough, long term roof protection system that can stand up to all but the most devastating weather conditions. Our team of metal roof installers are highly trained professionals who pride themselves in their work, which is backed by a full labor warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Professional Metal Roof Installers Near You

Not all roofers are metal roof installers.

Metal roof installation takes a level of precision that most roofing companies simply can’t or won’t take the time to perform. Our metal roof installation team is a cut above your average roofing crew and knows just what it takes to get the job done right. We have the equipment necessary to make adjustments to the materials while on-site if the materials ordered are a fraction of an inch off of specification.

The ability to make cuts and adjustments on the fly is just one reason why our metal roof service is highly sought after in our service area. Another reason we are a preferred contractor is due to our ability to perform the work for less than the majority of other roofing companies in Greenville, North Carolina.

Greenville Roofing Services Has the Experience You Want

By having a clear and established system to install a metal roof in place, combined with state of the art equipment and the training to make the most of it, our crew is much more efficient than most. This reduces our overhead, which creates savings we pass on to our customers to help them stay under budget while receiving a high-quality metal roof.

metal roof installation
metal roof installation

Advantages of a Metal Roof

Metal Roof Systems are an excellent investment for any home or commercial property.

The advantages of having a metal roof installed are numerous, but the three primary benefits are as follows:

1. Unparalleled Durability

Metal roofs are tough and long-lasting roof systems. These roofs have resistance to wind, rain, hail, flying debris, and the slow wear and tear of time.

The advanced coatings and paint available are long-lasting so that you can expect your roof to look great several years after installation.

Because of their durability, you will save money on roof repairs that will be necessary on a tradtional roof system.

2. Energy Savings

Metal roofing also has the benefit of providing savings on energy. There are a variety of color and finish options that help reflect the sun’s rays from your roof, which helps keep your attic cooler.

With the right metal roofing options, you will save up to as much as 30% on your electricity bill. With the energy savings alone, these superior roofing systems virtually pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

3. An Environmentally Friendly Option

Standard asphalt roofing shingles contain petroleum products and emit gases over time that are harmful to the environment. Metal roofs are made from recyclable metals with no carbon footprint.

All scraps and unused metal that is left over after your roof is installed will be appropriately recycled.

The fewer we have of old, torn off shingle roofs in our landfills, the better. You can have the roof of your dreams and help save the world at the same time.