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Greenville Roof Restoration Near Me

Looking for roof restoration in Greenville, North Carolina? Greenville Roofing Services is here to help your roof system continue to protect your home and keep it looking great long after the install.

Most home and business property owners don’t typically think about their roof until there is a problem that requires a roof repair or roof replacement. A little intentionality can go a long way towards keeping your roof in working order. Our roof restoration service includes a free inspection of your roofing system to ensure:

  • Your gutters and downspouts are working properly and in good shape
  • The area that is sealed with roof flashing and valleys are doing their job
  • Your roof is free of contaminants that are ugly and can shorten the life of your roof
  • Your soffit and fascia are in good repair and functioning as they should
  • Your roof system, like any other system, brings together various individual components to provide the kind of protection you rely on to keep your home or commercial property safe.

A few of these components can lead to serious issues if not kept in good repair. Having our experts take a look and make any necessary adjustments or minor repairs can save you serious money in the long run.

Has it been a while since anyone has taken a look at your roof to ensure everything is in good shape? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation roof inspection.

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Gutters and Downspouts

One component of a roof system that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves are gutters and downspouts.

These exterior fixtures help drain rainfall from your roof along with debris like leaves and other items. Your property’s gutters and downspouts also keep water away from your siding or brick which protects against damages. 

Our expert team will make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clean and working properly. 

Flashing and Valleys

At places where your roof has joints that meet in a valley, or at places like fireplace chimneys or plumbing piping where your roofing system is built around fixed components, your roof is particularly vulnerable to leaks and other issues.

During your free roof inspection, our expert will take a close look at the flashing around pipes, skylights, chimneys, and other rooftop areas where this sealant keeps your roof as waterproof as possible. If our expert finds an issue with your roof flashing in a particular area, they will recommend a small and inexpensive repair to correct the problem.

A similar service is provided for your roof’s valley areas that can be prone to punctures from a fallen tree branch or similar debris, or from a buildup of leaves or other items, which is a common issue in these areas.

A thorough inspection of your roof valleys can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements when performed by one of our team members.

Soffit and Fascia Maintenance

Soffit and Fascia maintenance is a service that helps to ensure that your home or commercial property’s attic is adequately ventilated. We also check to make sure that the edge of your roof, particularly where your gutters are connected to it, are free of damage that could allow pests inside as well as other concerns.

The soffit of your roof system is a crucial part of your property’s ability to be adequately ventilated, allowing you attic to “breathe.” If this area is damaged by tree branches banging against it, rodents like squirrels chewing into it, or is damaged by wind-blown debris, your property won’t be ventilated correctly.

The fascia of your roofing system protects the outer edge of your roof and can be a cause of numerous issues if it has sustained damage.

We are here to help. Call us today and talk with one of our staff about our roof restoration services in Greenville, North Carolina.

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